Review Policy:

All papers undergo an initial screening for suitability by the Chairs and Technical Program Committee. Suitable papers are then sent to at least two independent referees chosen by the Chairs and Technical Program Committee. The reports from the independent referees are then considered by the Chairs and Technical Program Committee, who will make the final decision.

Additional Policies:

1. All articles contributed to ICICT2020 must be new and not published in any journals or publications. Furthermore, the copyrights of the articles should not have been demised to any institution, organization or individual.

2. The following articles are rejected by ICICT2020:

a) Pseudo-articles which are incompetent in reasoning and devoid of any statistics, experiments, or designs;

b) Plagiarized articles;

ICICT2020 takes plagiarism seriously. All articles registered will be evaluated for plagiarism. Any article that fails to pass the plagiarism detection step will be sent back to the author.

c) Articles translated by translation software;

d) Articles irrelevant to the theme and scope of this conference.

ICICT2020 urges all article-contributors to seriously abide by our academic integrity policy.

Topics Covered: International Joint Conference of Information and Communication Technology will highlight several crucial topics but not limited to:

Topic1:Internet and Web Technology

Network and Sensors

Network and Distributed Intelligent Control

Communication and Signal Processing

Smart Sensors and Sensor Fusion

Sensor-aided Smart Grids

Parallel/Distributed Systems

Sensor networks

Network Architectures

Network Protocols & Wireless Networks

QoS and Resource Management

Internet of Things

Cloud Computing

Big Data in Sensory Systems

Network Security

Internet and Web Applications

Workflow, Web Services

Internet Technologies

Topic2:Computer and Information Science

Automation and Control Engineering

Computer Graphics and Image Processing

Computer network and Security

Computer Science and Engineering

Computer simulation and modeling

Computer-aided design / manufacturing

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Grid computing

Image processing and acquisition

Information Management

Information retrieval and Information Security

Knowledge discovery and data mining

Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms

Programming Languages and Techniques

Semantic Grid and Natural Language Processing

Software Engineering

System Modeling and Simulation

Information Technology Application

Topic3: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Immune Systems

Autonomy-Oriented Computing

Artificial Neural Systems

Bayesian Learning

Biological Computing

DNA Computing

Evolutionary Programming

Evolutionary Algorithms

Image Understanding

Intelligent Systems

Knowledge Discovery

Learning Algorithms

Machine Learning

Multi-Agent Systems

Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms

Neural Networks

Particle Swarm Optimization

Probabilistic Reasoning

Reinforcement Learning

Supervised Learning

Swarm Intelligence

Probabilistic Learning

Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

Topic4: Data Science and Management

Data Integration, Interoperability, and Metadata

Ubiquitous Data Management and Mobile Databases

Query processing, query optimization, and data structures

Data Privacy and Security

Data Mining

Distributed, parallel, Peer to Peer databases

Semi-Structured data and XML databases

Web Data Management and deep web

Scientific and Biological Databases and Bioinformatics

Stream processing and sensor databases

Data Grids, Data Warehousing, OLAP

Temporal, Spatial, and Multimedia databases

Database Applications and Experiences

Database System Internals and Performance

Database Technology and Data Warehousing

DSP Algorithms & Architectures

Topic5: Communications Engineering

Communication Networks

Wireless Communications

Mobile Communications

Infrastructure for Next Generation Networks

Information & Communication

Coding Theory

Optical Communications

Communication Software

New Communication Technologies

Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design

Marketing Communication

Green Communication

Communication Systems

Telecommunication Technologies

Data Communications

Satellite Communication

Topic6: ICT Application

Rural Applications of IT

Networking-Enterprise Applications


Computer Control of Industrial Processes

Microprocessor Interfacing and Hardware Design

ICT Act and Cyber Law

Re-engineering ICT infrastructure Standards and Security

Virtual Reality Artificial Intelligence

ICT Application in Agriculture

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